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CHILE 214 Y LUQUE, 90110 GUAYAQUIL (Ecuador)
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Touristic Attractions

Hotel Palace is perfectly located in the heart of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, as well as its main port. Although it was once considered a business destination for the most part, Guayaquil has recently become a center for tourism in Ecuador. Enjoy the region’s beautiful dry season by exploring the sights and attractions of Guayaquil. Also, Puerto Maritimo, the main seaport, is an active shipping center, but it’s the base for visitors to the Galapagos Islands as well. 

When planning your trip, please consult the following touristic attractions since many of them are within walking distance from our Hotel:

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Safari Xtreme

  Distance: 1.2 kilometers from Hotel

Mechanical games: Super Booguie, Surfer, Extreme Tower, Blanket and 360 degrees. The last name is allusive to a hydraulic arm with chairs in which lovers of strong emotions go round and round, at times standing on their heads.

Manta refers to the marine specie. There, you can rotate horizontally, at 8 meters high, for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, in a machine with stingrays figures.

La Perla

  Distance: 1.2 kilometers from Hotel

La Perla is a watchtower that measures 57 meters in height, equivalent to an 18-storey building, and is considered the largest wheel in South America. It is located in the North zone of the Malecón 2000. The route lasts 12 minutes approximately. Ticket costs are $ 3.50, Monday through Friday and $ 5.00 Saturdays and Sundays.

Malecón 2000

  Distance: 400 metrers from Hotel

It is the main attraction of the city. Malecon 2000 is located at the foot of the Guayas and has a length of 2.5km where you can enojoy the sights of the Historic monuments of the city , fountains, museums, gardens and a wide variety of restaurants and bars.

Las Peñas

  Distance: 1.8 kilometers from Hotel

Amidst historic houses and cobblestone avenues from the 16th century, Guayaquil’s oldest neighborhood offers inviting restaurants, nightclubs and cafes. Plus, you’ll want to visit the Plaza Colon, a fort whose cannons protected the city from pirate raids.


  Distance: 300 meters from Hotel

Constructed in the mid 1500s out of wood, the Catedral stands today as a magnificent example of neo-Gothic splendor with beautiful windows and a massive marble altar.

Santay Island

  Distance: 3.1 kilometers from Hotel

Isla Santay is located 800 meters from Guayaquil and it is considered a Protected Area. Visitors may access the Island via a footbridge. The ride to the Island can be enjoyed through activities such as cycling or walking while a wide variety of flora and fauna is observed.

Nahim Isaías Museum

  Distance: 240 meters from Hotel

Philanthropist and collector Nahim Isaias Barquet donated his private collection, over 2,500 paintings, sculptures and artifacts from Guayaquil’s pre-Hispanic era to the Colonial era, to this museum. It’s located in the Plaza de Administración building.

Municipal Museum

  Distance 400 meters from Hotel

Visit Museo Municipal to learn about Guayaquil’s origins as an Amazonian community and its fight for independence during the colonial era. You’ll also find exhibits exploring Guayaquil’s culture and heritage in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Iguana Park

  Distance: 200 meters from Hotel

It’s not uncommon to spot five-foot iguanas begging for mango slices from visitors. Other attractions include a Japanese-style koi pond and a statue of Simón Bolívar in the middle of the park. The park is just two block from the hotel.

Centenario Park

  Distance: 600 meters from Hotel

This four-block park is the largest in the city. In addition to grassy areas and gardens, the park features fountains and dozens of statues of heroes and notable figures from throughout Ecuador’s history.

Historic Park

  Distance: 9 kilometers from Hotel

This downtown park is divided into three unique areas. The first one is called the Traditions Zone, which showcases authentic Ecuadorian culture, crafts and heritage. Then there’s the Endangered Wildlife Zone, which is home to birds, mammals and reptiles. Finally, check out the Urban Architecture Zone, which offers a glimpse at Guayaquil’s architecture and urban development in the early 1900s.

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